At UAG we pride ourselves on our fantastic company culture; we focus on facilitating a positive work environment, and enjoy rewarding our people for their achievements. We?re dynamic, forward-thinking and professional, and everyone has an opportunity to voice their ideas and opinions. Our managers incorporate fun and interesting training material into their meetings and workshops, no two days are the same!




Social Nights

We believe that maintaining a social relationship within our team is very important. We aim to have crew nights at least 2 times per week, where we can socialise as a team and really get to know one another. Whether that’s a simple coffee in the morning, a BBQ for lunch, or the team getting together to go bowling for the night. We really focus on teamwork and building relationships, so you not only have the support from your peers but you make great friends in the process. 









The Give Back Program

Once a month, as a company we want to get involved in our local community and help people who may need a hand or a community project that may need some volunteers, so we either contact a local charity and offer our services for the day, or we look at donating a percentage of the company?s turnover for a particular day to a worthy cause that will be picked by one of the team members. We?ve also recently participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge where we donated to Motor Neuron Disease and The Australian Red Cross, also we ran a half marathon for AEIOU Foundation for kids with autism.

The Give Back Program is optional and is not forced on anyone at UAG, it is completely voluntary and we are very grateful for any time our team members put into The Give Back Program.




Sporting Involvement/Sponsorships

Whilst running UAG, Managing Director, Paul Keegan is also actively involved in his role as manager to Dennis ?Hurricane? Hogan. Dennis is a Brisbane-based professional boxer from Ireland with a massive following, especially Irish and Australians. UAG are involved in promotions and ticket/merchandise sales, and are always a part of the ?Green Army? in a sea of green at the fights. Currently ranked 11th in the world, undefeated after 21 professional fights, UAG are extremely proud to have been a major sponsor of Dennis since the beginning, and we look forward to continued involvement as he fights his way towards his ultimate goal of World Champion.