We enjoy giving our people the opportunity to experience things they never may get the chance to! When it comes to selecting the people who will attend events, it’s not always the highest achievers, it could be someone who is showing great initiative and potential or a once-off reward for a particular target being hit. Just a few things we’ve been involved in recently:


Conferences and Workshops

Key people at UAG are regularly invited to conferences and workshops to share ideas, network and update their skills. Held in all different locations, it’s the perfect opportunity to reward people for their hard work, while incorporating an informative and inspiring component. Previously, these meetings have included presentations about different aspects of the business from staying motivated as a rep, to how to successfully manage a large team; as well as inspiration talks from sportspeople, such as professional boxer Dennis Hogan.  During conferences, goal setting is a main focus, as well as giving our people the chance to network with clients, partners and their colleagues.




Queenstown Trip

In July 2014, a select group of our people attended an all-inclusive quarterly conference based around our fantastic charities division! Attendees were treated to 4 days at the Hilton Queenstown, action-packed time on the ski-slopes, amazing dining and social outings, as well, of course as all the informative presentations and discussions at the conference itself. Such events provide a great platform for networking with others within the industry, especially high achievers, who help to motivate leaders/managers who may be newer to the industry or have a smaller team. Networking within the industry gives the individual a tangible goal to work towards and can also create a very effective support system while they work towards these goals!




Rep Swap

Each quarter, we aim to invest in an individual from Australia by sending them on a week trip to one of our offices in New Zealand, and vice-versa. While on their all expenses paid trip, they work with the team in a different UAG office and learn their particular methods or daily structures. This can be very helpful to bring fresh ideas to existing teams, for both the person on the trip, and for the team in that particular location as they can workshop different ideas and have interactive discussions. Again, involvement in an experience such as the “Rep Swap” can be a great networking opportunity and when utilized well, can build lasting relationships within the industry.




Massive Road Trips

A highly memorable experience for a group of UAG’s fundraisers was the Queensland extended road trip! This extensive drive stretched from Brisbane to Cairns, and all the way back, spread over four exciting months! Along the way we stopped in different towns, settle temporarily and work for a while, see the sights, then move to the next interesting place along the route! The lucky people involved got to visit loads of beautiful places like Airlie Beach, Cairns, Hervey Bay and LOADS more while making great money! The road trip was a huge success and was thought up by our state manager, Barry, who wanted our people to have a chance to see the country without having to part ways with UAG!