Meet Our Superstars

Rhys Estall

Your role at UAG: Team Managerrhys


Age: 30


Location: Brisbane


With UAG since: 2017


Previous work: Account Manager and Labourer


What attracted you to UAG: Opportunity and growth.


Achievements at UAG to date: Achievements at UAG - developed my skills to run an office independently.


Goals/Ambitions for your future with the company: My goals are to open multiple offices in Australia and head to the UK.




Jamie Keegan

Your role at UAG: Operations Manager


Age: 32


Location: Brisbane


With UAG since: 2010


Previous work: Previously I worked all in the hospitality industry before coming to Australia. I then started residential sales in Victoria in 2007, where I then progressed into a product/sales trainer role with another sales and marketing company. From there I moved into an administration role with our partner company Aida.


What attracted you to UAG: UAG had a lot to offer in terms of progression and treating contractors different to other sales companies. Prior to working with UAG I had experienced working with three other sales companies and I wasn?t very impressed at the way they treated contractors. The culture was different and more exciting at UAG and I believe it came down to the team running UAG.


Achievements at UAG to date: Achievements at UAG include breaking sales targets for our clients but not only delivering high quantity but being able to deliver quality to our clients. Also successfully setting up a great foundation of fabulous administration team and have them there to back the guys and what they do.


Goals/Ambitions for your future with the company: My goals are to help my administration team progress in their roles thus by UAG expanding into other cities within Australia and New Zealand. To also provide support and training to help them achieve their ambitions within the company.




Paul Keegan

Your role at UAG: CEO, I started up UAG in 2002.


Age: 41


Previous work: I worked in hospitality after leaving school and spent 9 years in that industry until I started in Direct Sales


How did you get to this point in your career? By working with people who are better than me, people

who work with UAG are my partners in whatever we do, I also have a strong mentality that I don?t let things bother me when things go wrong.


Career achievements to date:

  • 2002: Opening UAG
  • 2003: Best new sales company
  • 2006: Best sales company Australia
  • 2009: Deciding to change the direction and culture of UAG which was a massive gamble for us as we were moving into the unknown
  • 2012: Best sales company Australia
  • 2012: Best sales company New Zealand
  • 2013: Best international sales company


What attributes do you think someone needs in order to be successful in the industry/advice?

A strong desire to do well, Direct Sales doesn?t care how good you think you are it will test every attribute you have, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done


Why/how is UAG different from other companies? I believe we are honest in what we do and how we do it. For too long sales has been classed as a dirty word, I am proud of the team we have the partnerships we have with suppliers and clients we have worked with. I believe we have a fantastic culture that allows everyone a voice, and providing a positive work environment that allows ambitious people succeed. There are a lot of sales companies who treat people like numbers I would rather have a smaller team that we invest in and work with rather than the ?revolving door? policy.  


Goals/Ambitions for UAG?s future:

We are shaping up for some massive expansion over the next 2 to 3 years:

  • Auckland 2016
  • Sydney 2016
  • Melbourne 2017


And also to venture into the UK and Irish market as I believe with the way we run things here in Australia and New Zealand we would be breath of fresh air to the sales industry over there  and give people already working within the industry a better alternative and more productive work environment.