What We Do 

All of our fundraising and sales channels are face to face. We believe this is the most effective way to communicate with our client’s target consumers.





This division focuses on campaigns or services that are suited to people at their residences we will talk to 40-50 people a day in 5 to 10 minute conversations about new or existing services our clients have, we will also do door knock appeals for our fundraising clients.





Currently running successful events divisions in Brisbane and Gold Coast,  results have proven this to be a great channel through which to capture the attention of our client’s target audience, especially whilst in the ‘buying zone’. Events is the most visual form of sales and fundraising that we conduct, we set up stalls in designated areas with client branding and logos



Similar to events, outdoor promotions utilizes high traffic areas to gain the maximum exposure for the client/brand. Instead of stalls, we use client branded clothing and a small team of sales/fundraising representatives to engage with the public.



As the name suggests, the business to business division focuses on corporate customers. Our clients who benefit from this channel most, are those whose products and services are catered to businesses, such as telecommunications or utilities