Why UAG?


UAG is one the most forward-thinking and diverse company to be involved with. Of course, like any company, we have people who have worked their way up to take on more senior roles, but we always have room for open forum, where everyone’s opinions and ideas are heard and valued. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a sales rep, executive manager, or sales director – everyone is valued.


We work with BIG clients – and we like to impress them! We thrive on acquiring clients with high expectations and demands, and enjoy surpassing them! Client budgets and standards are of the highest importance to us, but we set our own targets to match our standards, which are that of the most professional sales company in the industry, of course!


Positivity is contagious. We value our people and positive thinking, attitude and recognition are of the highest importance to us. When you’re surrounded by positivity, you will see how it applies to every part of your life! We keep the good vibes flowing through our fun morning meetings, one-on-ones, and innovative training practises.


We’re fresh!  We have a great company culture, and a sense of humour. We figure why should any day be the same?